1. Students should maintain high moral standards and behave properly at all times.
  2. Students should be honest and courteous, act responsibly and respect others, helping to maintain a good school climate and reputation concertedly.

  3. Students should be punctual for school and lessons.  Early leave and leave of absence must be supported by genuine reasons, or else they will be treated as truancy.
    1. Students should register their attendance via the Octopus System and be in their classrooms before the first bell (8:30 a.m. in the morning; 1:15 p.m. in the afternoon).  Students not present during the roll call will also be regarded as being late.
    2. Latecomers to school are required to register at the school entrance.  Lateness beyond 30 minutes has to be supported by written explanation to the Principal from the parent or guardian concerned.
    3. Student being late will be given 1 black mark. The respective parent or guardian will be notified when the student has been late on 3 occasions and the penalty has accumulated to 1 minor demerit.
    4. If a student is absent on medical grounds, the parent or guardian concerned should inform the school by phone before 8:30 a.m. and later confirm his/her sick leave in writing.  Should the leave exceed 1 day or should it fall on a school function day, a medical certificate will be required.  In the event of casual leave for matters of great importance, advance notification of at least 5 working days, with supporting documents (if any) and reasons clearly stated, must be submitted to the Principal for approval.  Casual leave before holidays for trips will not be granted. 
    5. Absence on the day of a test/forml quiz/examination or in the morning when a test/formal quiz/examination is scheduled for the afternoon must be supported by a medical certificate or the Principal's approval for casual leave for matters of great importance; otherwise the mark for that scheduled assessment will be zero.  In the event of an examination, the estimated score will be reduced by 20%, even with the provision of a medical certificate or the Principal’s prior approval for casual leave.
    6. Application for early leave due to sickness has to be made via the Form-teacher or subject teacher by completing an Early Leave Slip obtainable from the School Office.  The parent or guardian concerned will be informed by phone and their advice sought on the arrangement.  The application is complete with the final approval of the Principal. The approved Early Leave Slip must be surrendered at the school entrance before leaving.
    7. All students must leave the school premises by 6 p.m. on school days, unless under the supervision of teachers.
    8. Students who play truancy will be liable to 2 minor demerits.  Common instances of truancy are:
      1. absence without written support by parent or guardian;
      2. absence with full intention e.g. in the morning when a test is scheduled for the afternoon, before examination, in school functions, etc.;
      3. deliberately staying away from lessons (including supplementary lessons);
      4. taking early leave from school without approval by the Principal;
      5. being late for lessons beyond 30 minutes without genuine reasons.

  4. Students must always wear clean and tidy school uniform when coming to school or attending social and public functions on behalf of the School, e.g. inter-school functions, prize-giving ceremonies, etc.
    1. Students must always maintain a clean and tidy look.
    2. No student is allowed to adopt any outfit other than the school uniform without prior permission.  Under no circumstances are they allowed to change into casual clothing at school in order to leave for their own activities after school.  Uniform is also required to be worn when participating in activities at school on non-school days like Saturdays, school holidays and activity days.
    3. The proper footwear for students is black leather shoes and plain white socks without any pattern or emblem.  Except in P.E. lessons, no student is allowed to wear P.E. uniform and sneakers.
    4. In cooler weather, students can wear P.E. jackets or plain cardigans of navy blue colour, with no emblem or pattern of any kind.  They can also put on navy blue or black scarves. No other colours are allowed.
    5. When the temperature drops to 15ºC or below (according to radio or T.V. weather forecast announcement between 6.00 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. on the day concerned), girls can wear grey trousers.  Round neck or turtleneck pullovers or sweaters are not allowed.
    6. Students must not have a punk hairdo or permanent wave.  Neither should boys wear long hair.  Girls with hair of shoulder length or longer should have their hair tied in either rubber band or plain black or white ribbon, or similar plain or transparent accessories.  No student is allowed to:
      1. dye their hair;
      2. apply gel, mousse or any other form of lacquer to their hair;
      3. wear ornaments (e.g. ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc.);
      4. use cosmetics and coloured lip gloss.
    7. Students should behave properly at all times, especially when they are in school uniform in public places.  They should:
      1. observe safety regulations when crossing the road and strictly refrain from jaywalking;
      2. be helpful, considerate and tolerant of the feeble, the disabled and the elderly in public places;
      3. refrain from unmannerly behaviour like using foul language, chatting aloud, eating, playing on public transport and in the streets;
      4. refrain from frequenting such places as video or computer game centres, karaoke lounges, cyber cafes and similar establishments;
      5. refrain from patronizing illegal hawkers.

  5. All areas of the school building and premises must be kept clean and tidy.  Under no circumstances should students damage school property or behave inconsiderately.
    1. Classrooms must be kept clean.  Students are forbidden to scribble on the blackboard without permission and to fiddle with duster and chalk.  Classroom order and discipline must be maintained.  Running along the corridor is strictly forbidden.
    2. Students must be attentive in class.  They should not leave their seats without the teacher’s permission.  All students must go to the places designated by the School for self-study during free lessons.
    3. Except for attending lessons, no student should enter any special room without permission.  Students should queue up quietly outside the special room waiting for the subject teacher to arrive.
    4. After using classrooms and special rooms, students on duty should ascertain that all lights, fans and air-conditioners have been switched off and blackboards cleaned.  Students of floating classes should not get into the rooms before the arrival of their subject teachers and refrain from tampering with any item (books, school bags and the like) when using others’ classroom.
    5. All students must leave their classrooms within 30 minutes after school dismissal. If they wish to use the classrooms for school activities after that,they should first inform their Form-teacher and then make the necessary arrangement and booking in the School Office.  They will be held responsible for any damage caused to the classroom.  If they have to participate in activities held elsewhere other than their own classrooms, they should keep their school bags and other property with them.
    6. The School bears no responsibility for the safety of students' property left unattended at school after lessons.
    7. No eating or drinking is allowed outside the School Canteen, unless with permission from the School Authority.  Students are prohibited from eating and drinking in classrooms except at lunchtime.
    8. Students should make use of the benches and tables in the School Canteen or their own desks in the classroom when taking lunch.  They must not sit on the sports apparatus.  Bottles, litter, lunch-boxes, etc. should be put in designated litter bins and should never be found lying on the benches, tables, desks or sports apparatus.  Students have the obligation to maintain cleanliness in school.
    9. Students should keep PCs and LAN clean. They should refrain from downloading, saving and installing any illegal software or files in any computer, network drive or Intranet.
    10. No student is allowed to use any electrical equipment of the School without permission from the School Authority.
    11. Students are forbidden to pick flowers and plants or loiter in the nursery of the school yard.
    12. Students should not litter, deface walls or destroy school property in the school building.
    13. Students should not deface school notices and circulars, nor should they post posters without prior permission.
    14. Students should not issue letters or notes to classmates, schoolmates or parents in the name of the School, class club or any student body without the prior approval of the teacher-in-charge.
    15. No student is allowed to use the lift without permission from the School Authority.
    16. Students are allowed to play basketball, badminton and table-tennis only during the designated time periods at the designated playgrounds.  No other ball game is allowed anywhere on the school premises at any time, unless under the supervision of teachers.
    17. No video recording is allowed on the school premises, unless with permission from the School Authority. 

  6. Students should develop self-discipline and a sense of self-awareness.
    1. Students should be wary of the company they keep. They should refrain from such misbehaviour as using abusive or foul language, reading undesirable publications, surfing undesirable websites, fighting, stealing, gambling, smoking, abusing drugs, intimidating, bullying, swindling or defaming others. 
    2. There should not be any loud or boisterous behaviour in the School Hall during Assembly or at any time along the corridors when changing classrooms or at any place where noise may cause disturbance to others.  Silence must be observed in the School Library.  
    3. Students should bring only textbooks, reference books or library literature to school. Dangerous objects, items for amusement purposes and gambling gear are forbidden.
    4. Students found bringing objectionable reading or audio-visual materials such as pornographic magazines, CD-ROMs or comic strips, horse-racing or soccer betting specials and the like back to school will be given 1 minor demerit.
    5. Students bringing too much money and other unnecessary valuable items (such as video or digital cameras) to school, or leaving them unattended, thus inviting theft, would also be breaching school rules.  When students leave classrooms for lessons in the special rooms, all money and valuables (such as calculators and electronic dictionaries) must not be left in the classroom.  When students attend P.E. lessons, these items should be kept in the places designated by the P.E. teacher.  Any loss through negligence will be the responsibility of the owner.
    6. Students must turn off their mobile phones at all times on the school premises. They should bring inexpensive and plain models, take good care of them and must not show them to others. The School will not bear any responsibility in case of loss. Students violating this rule will be punished with black marks and the surrendering of mobile phones. The School will not bear any responsibility in case of damage. Parents may also be asked to come in person to collect the phone.
    7. Students must respect intellectual property.  Plagiarism will be punishable with 1 minor demerit and the mark for that assignment shall be zero.
    8. All students must observe all dictation, test and examination rules.  Cheating is a very serious offence and will be punishable with 2 minor demerits.  The mark for the paper concerned shall be zero.
    9. Students who alter marks or forge another person’s signature will be liable to 1 minor demerit.
    10. Grave offences such as theft, sexual harassment, fighting and bullying others will be punishable with one major demerit.  Serious cases will be reported to the police.
    11. Students caught in possession of any narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances without a medical certificate or in any act of drug or substance abuse will be given one major demerit and all cases will be reported to the police.

  7. No business transaction among students is permitted in the School.
    Permission of the Principal must be obtained for any collection of money, sale of tickets and fund-raising activities.

  8. The Prefects, by reason of their office, must set good examples.  They are selected to help their fellow schoolmates and the School to maintain discipline.  Cooperation with them is imperative for the efficient discharge of their duties.

    The School is committed to maintain a safe and harmonious learning environment for all students.  The regulations listed above serve as guidelines to help students develop their character and personality, encourage them to strive and persevere for further achievements, and shape and discipline them into sensible, promising youngsters.  Any breach of the above whether within or outside the School will incur punishment. 

3 black marks will lead to 1 minor demerit.
3 minor demerits will lead to 1 major demerit.
3 major demerits will culminate in retention, irrespective of academic achievements.

*The School reserves the right of final interpretation of the school regulations.



  1. 所有學生必須在上課預備鐘前(上午八時三十分及下午一時十五分)以八達通登記出席後回到課室,班主任點名時不在課室者作遲到論。
  2. 學生如有遲到,須在學校大門登記存案。遲到超過三十分鐘者,必須呈交家長信說明原因。
  3. 學生遲到,記缺點一次;遲到三次,累積為一次小過,校方並通知家長。
  4. 學生如因病缺席,家長須在當日早上八時三十分前致電校務處告假,並著學生於回校時攜同家長信以資證明,告病假一天以上或在學校活動日告假者須出示醫生證明書。學生如因要事請假,必須最少於五個工作天前以書面陳述理由,並遞交有關文件,取得校長批准,方可告假。因外遊而告假者一概不受理。
  5. 學生若在測驗/正式小測/考試時缺席,或下午有測驗/正式小測/考試而在該日上午請假,必須出示醫生證明書或事先經校長批准告緊急事假,否則該次評估作零分計算。惟即使具醫生證明書或經校長批准告事假,缺席考試評估所得的分數亦須作八成計算。
  6. 學生若在上課期間因身體不適需早退,必須先往校務處索取離校書,獲班主任或當課老師批准,並致電家長商討離校安排後,再經校長同意方可離開。離校書須在校門呈交,以資證明。
  7. 學生最遲須在下午六時前離開學校,若逾時逗留,須有負責老師在場。
  8. 學生若曠課,將被記兩小過。以下情況一律作曠課論:
    1. 缺席而沒有呈交家長或監護人之書面證明。
    2. 在學校活動日、下午有測驗而學生在該日上午或在考試前無故缺席。
    3. 蓄意不上課(包括補課及特別班)。
    4. 未得校長批准,擅自提早離開學校。
    5.   無故遲到超過三十分鐘上課。
  1. 學生須時刻保持整潔。
  2. 學生在學校範圍內必須穿著整齊校服,不得更換其他服裝。在星期六、學校假期及學校活動日返回學校,亦須穿著整齊校服。
  3. 學生必須穿著黑皮鞋及無任何標誌或圖案之純白襪;除體育課外,不得穿著運動衣或運動鞋。
  4. 天氣轉涼時,學生可穿著學校運動外套或純普藍色之羊毛外套,羊毛外套上不得有任何徽號或圖案,嚴禁其他色澤之外衣。學生若圍頸巾,顏色只限普藍色或黑色。
  5. 根據當日上午六時至八時電台或電視台之天氣報告,若溫度低至15℃或以下,女生可穿灰絨褲。學生一律不得穿著圓領或樽領之外套或風褸等。
  6. 學生不得熨髮或梳上新潮之髮型,男生不得蓄長髮,女生之頭髮長過肩膊者,須用橡皮圈或純黑、純白或透明無色之簡單髮飾束起。學生尚須遵守以下規定:
    1. 不得染髮。
    2. 不得使用髮蠟、定型水、定型泡沫等髮型用品。
    3. 不得佩戴飾物,例如戒指、耳環、項鍊、手鐲等。
    4. 不得化菕A不可用有色之潤唇膏。
  7. 學生應時刻恪守紀律,身穿校服處身於公眾場所時,尤應注意本身之行為表現:
    1. 學生須注意道路安全,不得攀越或穿過路旁之欄杆,或在欄杆外行走或停留,不得在馬路上玩耍或追逐。
    2. 學生應時刻為別人設想,對老弱傷殘者尤應主動幫忙。
    3. 學生在公共交通工具及街道上均應溫文有禮,切忌污言穢語、高聲喧嘩、吃喝嬉戲等。
    4. 學生不得進入電子遊戲機中心、卡拉OK酒廊、網吧或其他不良場所。
    5. 學生不得光顧無牌小販。


  1. 學生須保持課室清潔、整齊及寧靜,不得塗寫黑板,不得拋擲粉筆、粉刷,不得在課室、走廊及通道上追逐嬉戲。
  2. 學生在上課時須留心聽講;未經教師許可,不得擅離座位或課室;在空堂時須到指定地點自修。
  3. 學生往特別室上課,必須在門外排隊靜候當課老師。除上課外,學生一律不得擅自進入特別室。
  4. 各班使用課室或特別室後,須負責熄燈、關風扇、關空氣調節及刷淨黑板方可離去。又各浮動班級在其他課室上課時,不得隨意移動課室內之物品,如課本、書包等。
  5. 學生須在放學後半小時內離開課室。欲繼續借用課室者,須先通知班主任,由班主任到校務處登記借用。課室內若有任何損毀,借用者須負責賠償。學生若在放學後離開課室參與課外活動,必須隨身攜帶書包及其他個人物品。
  6. 任何物件,在課後不應留在課室,如有遺失,校方概不負責。
  7. 未經校方批准,飯堂以外地方,不准飲食。除午膳時間外,課室內一概不得飲食。
  8. 學生在午膳時,應儘量利用食堂之桌椅或自己之書桌,不得坐於體育用具上。膳後之餐具,應放在指定之垃圾桶內,切記不可遺留在桌上或放在體育器械上。學生必須竭盡所能,保持環境清潔。
  9. 學校所有電腦設備,包括電腦、網路磁碟機、內聯網等等,學生均不得擅自用作下載、儲存或安裝非法軟件或檔案,以防觸犯法例或散播電腦病毒。
  10. 學生不得擅自使用學校之電力設備。
  11. 學生不得攀折校內之花草樹木,亦不得進入苗圃範圍內。
  12. 學生不得毀壞公物、污損牆壁或隨意拋棄廢物紙屑。
  13. 學生不得塗改或撕毀學校之文告,不得擅自張貼海報。
  14. 未經負責老師批准,學生一概不得以學校、班會或任何學生組織名義向家長或同學發出文件。
  15. 未經校方批准,學生不得使用電梯。
  16. 學生只准於指定時段於指定地點打籃球、羽毛球或乒乓球。若無老師在場監督,學生不得在學校範圍內進行其他球類活動。
  17. 除非得到校方批准,否則學校範圍內一概不准錄影


  1. 學生不可結交損友,不可污言穢語,不可閱讀不良書刊,不可瀏覽不良網頁,不可干犯毆打、偷竊、賭博、吸煙、濫藥、恐嚇、欺凌、詐騙或誹謗等不良行為。
  2. 學生在禮堂集會時,在圖書館、走廊、其他公眾地方及在轉堂時,均應保持肅靜,不得騷擾他人。
  3. 除課本、參考書、圖書館之書籍外,其他危險物品、娛樂用品及賭具等,一律禁止攜帶回校。
  4. 學生如攜帶不良刊物或視聽資料—如色情雜誌、色情漫畫、色情光碟、馬經、馬報或一切有關賭波之刊物等回校,一經查獲,會導致記小過之處分。
  5. 學生如攜帶大量金錢或不必要之貴重物品(如攝錄機或數碼相機)回校,或將金錢或貴重物品隨意放在課室或任何地方,因而引起他人貪念者,亦屬違反校規。學生離開課室到特別室上課時,金錢及一切貴重物品(如計算機及電子辭典)應隨身攜帶。在上體育課時,必須將貴重物品存放在體育教師指定之地方。校方茲鄭重聲明:任何因疏忽而引致之損失,將由失主本身負全責。
  6. 學生只可攜帶廉價之手提電話回校,並自行小心保管,不得向同學展示;一切損失,校方概不負責。同時,學生不得在學校範圍內啟動手提電話。違規者,除被記缺點外,校方有權暫時代為保管手提電話,如有損壞,概不負責,校方或會通知家長親臨學校領回。
  7. 學生必須尊重知識產權,不得循任何途徑抄襲功課,否則除該功課獲零分外,更可導致記小過之處分。
  8. 學生在默書、測驗或考試時,必須遵守試場規則,不得作弊;否則除記兩小過外,該卷別成績作零分計算。
  9. 學生若擅自塗改成績表、測驗卷或其他文件,又或假冒他人簽名,將導致記小過之處分。
  10. 學生如干犯毆打、偷竊、欺凌或性騷擾等不良行為,可導致記大過之處分。情況嚴重者將交警法辦。
  11. 學生若有濫藥行為、藏有危險藥物或未有醫生證明書而管有精神科藥物,一經查獲,將導致記大過之處分,並交警法辦。